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Giabo, Chiaphua’s home-appliances brand, offers high-quality products for better living.

In relation to manufacturing household electronics and appliances, Chiaphua Industries has also launched its own brand- Giabo. Using technology developed in-house, Giabo's products aim at improving the quality of life of the average household by introducing a cleaner and healthier environment. We produce household consumer electronics, and some of Giabo's better known products include the air and water purifiers, sanitizers, and also the renowned dessert maker.

Our microbiological water purifier, which uses ozonation and activated carbon filtration, provides an intelligent solution to cleaner and fresher water as compared to most competitors. Our air purifier, equipped with the PCO (Photo Catalytic Oxidation) system, uses ultra violet light to interact with titanium dioxide surface so as to generate "hydroxide" in killing pass by bacteria and decomposing odor compounds. We also acquired from HKUST the technology of coating a thin film of nano-sized crystallized titanium dioxide on metal surface that resists scratches and high temp cleaning water. Our PCO air purifiers are certified by the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, tested and proven to reduce bacteria and fungi effectively.

i.d. Stores

i.d. Stores offers luxury homeware products to enhance the look and feel of any home.

The retail business for luxury brands in Hong Kong has been booming because of the increasing demand for luxury brands from the mainland Chinese. The improvement of living standard and the increase in purchasing power among the Mainland Chinese have attracted many luxury brands to expand their businesses not only in China but Hong Kong as well. Every day, thousands of them cross the border to shop for the latest versions of luxury brand products of their choices. The Chinese, especially those who live in the big cities, have their eyes on the latest trends not only in fashion and cosmetics but also in interior designs and homeware products for a better living style and status.

In 2005, the leadership of Chiaphua Industries saw the potential in the luxury homeware market and decided to expand their business into this sector. i.d. Stores was officially opened in Hong Kong. It offers a wide variety of modern touches and classic designs for customers to accessorize their perfect living space and to create a home that live up to their unique styles. It carries premium designer brands from around the globe, ranging from rugs, table wares, kitchen wares, home fragrances and decorative accessories.

Currently we have 2 shops in Hong Kong, located in Central and Tsimshatsui. Our business expanded into Shanghai, China in 2013.